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Dates with My Kids | August Date SJ

Home from work, last day of August. Time for a date!

“Swimmy Suit” on, paints mixed.

Hop in the tub, time to paint. (Don’t forget the grout. LOTS on the grout!)

Decorate ducks, paint the toes “it’s a glami-cure Mama!” (note to self–too much Strawberry Shortcake.)

Time to clean!  (Don’t forget the grout . . . tomorrow. I’ll do it tomorrow.)

Bubble bath!

New pj’s!

Off to bed!

Time for the evening dance.

“I need a drink Mama!”

“I need a tuck!”

“I need to go POTTY!”

“I need a tuck!”

Skipped the tissue and throwing away of tissue and retucking because we threw away tissue rounds.

This time.




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Dates with my kids | August Date with Bubba


After a sunset date with big brother, it was your turn, Bubba.  After a quick errand, you were talked (bribed, cajoled) out of going to our usual coffee shop, and we headed for a little ice-cream shop we saw on our way to our errands.
You ooh-ed and ah-ed over all the colors, and promptly decided on BLUE flavor after a quick taste-test.  With a TV on in the corner, conversation was scarce.  As the news anchor talked about protests in Ferguson, a shooting in a city not far from us, and international terror cells, I wondered how much seeped into your brain, and how much was just the lure of the flashing lights. I’m thinking more the latter–at least so far.

After our ice-cream, we headed off to pick blackberries. For a boy who finds it onerous to pick up your dirty underwear, I’m always impressed by your stamina when put to work on tasks like berry picking or assembling small household items.  We wandered through a bright trail, then headed to a second location with a little more shade (the better to photograph you with!)

With a pleasant stroll through the woods, and a good number of berries to show for our effort, we headed home.

The highlight of my afternoon was you sage advice on berry picking, offered as you spat out the contents of your mouth.

“Mama, if steam comes out when you pick them, that means they’re not good.”

Words to live by.


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Dates with my kids | August Date with CX


Big man, after a month off from dates in July due to a family vacation, we picked back up again today.  You suggested checking out the sunrise down by the water, so I agreed to get up early and head out.   Despite sleeping through my alarm, we still made it down to the water before the sun peeked up over the clouds.

You weren’t too sure about  walking down on the dock, but enjoyed wandering underneath it.  We found dead fish, dog tracks, and a whole lot of barnacles.   You decided the water was pretty, but wouldn’t want a home next to it in case you threw a ball and it rolled down the hill into the water.

We decided to skip a trek up the hill and headed off for breakfast instead.   You spent a minute playing with the long grass in the flower beds outside, before we headed in.

You opted for a cinnamon roll (“It’s bigger than a breakfast sandwich”) and grinned , but quickly said “NO!” when an older gentleman asked if that was his.  He stopped by the table later and asked what happened to it all. You grinned, not saying much.  After he left, you explained, “I think he was teasing.  I like teasing, but I just wasn’t sure what he was teasing about.”  We chatted about your upcoming school year and when I asked what you thought would be the best part of first grade, you said, “Well, I don’t really know about first grade mama. I haven’t been yet, remember?”

We wrapped up breakfast, grabbed our coats, and headed back home to see what the rest of the family was up to.  Sunrise, breakfast, date, and home, all by 8:30.


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Siblings at Sunset|Ferndale Family Photographer


I love photographing these kids, so it was great fun to have a short sunset family session with them to test out a new lens!  Aren’t they just gorgeous children?!?!!

Even adorable little miss, “You can’t make me smile, lady with a camera” had to giggle with her siblings cracking up all around her.  But standing there looking adorable with a serious face worked just fine as well.


Janeen - August 18, 2014 - 5:11 pm

The light is just gorgeous! Beautiful images.

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