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He calls her “Honey”

He calls her “Honey!”

“Honey? Do you need help? Honey? Honey! Sweetie!! Here’s where you get a stick to dig with. Honey! Do you want a turn in the game? Do you want the BIIIIG Helicopter? It has the biggest bullets.”


And they bicker. And fight. As 18 months-old-apart-siblings will.

But he calls her “Honey.”

And she allows it.



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February | 15 on the 15th

Light.  I’m a little obsessed. You know the old adage about learning a new skill, “watch one, do one, teach one?”  I still believe the teaching part–the breaking down of details to help someone else understand–almost always refines my understanding of a topic.

Spending the last few months breaking down how I look  at light for my breakout coming out next week has forced me to articulate my own decision making process in a way I haven’t yet. It has been a few months of growth, and I’m looking forward to seeing what the next few months bring as I experiment.

So, for his month, a hodge lodge of light experiments.

When you’re done here, had on over to my talented friend Ashley’s February Blog Post for some of her amazing Black and White images!


Jill - February 15, 2015 - 9:14 pm

These are gorgeous! I love the variety. And I can’t wait to do the breakout!

Carrie - February 15, 2015 - 10:34 pm

Love all of these! Can’t wait to play with light with you soon!

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Amid the chaos . . . six years.

Corndogs and crafts strewn about the table, half-dressed kids, and half-dried glue.

And half a dozen years since mom died.  Six years ago–another Friday the 13th–we were called at 3am to come.

That little room I saw near the ICU–the one I saw and thought, “You probably don’t ever want to be in that room”–was open and waiting for us.  And we said our goodbyes a few hours later.

Corndogs and crafts and grocery store trips, and a small version of mom’s favorite flowers.

Three children–two of whom she never met, one with her name–and at least one of them half out of her mind.

Some days the loss still feels big–filling the frame.  Most days, I only have time to give it a little piece as the rest of life crowds it out.

We miss you mom.  Every day.  But especially today.


Carrie - February 15, 2015 - 10:33 pm

Have I ever told you? I love your writing as much as I love your photos. Can’t wait to give you a hug in person….soon!

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One more Week!

I’m so excited that there’s only a week left until my breakout goes live on Clickin Moms!

While there are a few days before the promos go up over on the site, I thought I’d give you a little preview of what to expect!




In this breakout, Jennifer shares her personal philosophy on light and demonstrates her approach to creating beautiful images in a variety of lighting situations. She identifies the challenges she faces and tools she reaches for in full sun, at sunset, overcast days, natural window light, and after dark. From shooting client sessions to grabbing images with her family at the bowling alley, she also breaks down how she decides whether natural or artificial light will achieve the look she wants in any given situation.   Finally, she shares her love of incorporating flash into her family images in both ordinary and extraordinary ways.


“What’s Included”
  • 95 page pdf full of tips, tricks, and Jenn’s approach to different types of light.  Includes three exercises to get you shooting!
  •  23 page bonus “Flash and Kids” pdf, full of inspiration for using flash in your daily life.
  • 1 hour “Navigating the Light” video will pullbacks, outtakes and discussion on Jenn’s approach to finding light in a variety of locations.
  • 1 hour editing video where Jenn walks you through her approach to editing several personal and client images. Including a fun superhero edit in Photoshop
  • Coupon code for 50% off a membership for overlays and templates.
  • Bonus 20 minute shooting video where Jenn walks you through a flash in the rain shoot and playing with light painting with your kids.

What You’ll Take Away


  • encouragement to seek out and use light in all of the corners of your world (not just the corners with perfect light.)

  • Tools to manage both natural and artificial lighting situations.

  • A breakdown of her personal approach to light

  • A list of Jennifer’s gear (it’s shorter than you think!)

  • tips, tricks, and inspiration for making flash part of your daily images.

  • fun, after dark lighting experiments to try with your kids (flash or no flash, up to you!)


Gayle - February 12, 2015 - 2:58 pm

Looks amazing. Thank you! 🙂

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