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About Me


I am an order-loving, rules following, first-born with an addiction to creativity and, thanks to my three children, a new-found appreciation for chaos.

In school, I spent my days studying and my nights reading novels under the covers.

I have a Chemistry degree . . . and most of an English degree.

I’m a scientist, and a quilter.

Photography lets me marry the things I love most in the world.  It is art. It is science.  It is a means to freeze moments with my family, the laughs, tears, goofy moments in the midst of the chaos, preserving those elusive memories so I can grab them whenever I need them.

I’m Jennifer. I love my family. I love photography. Though I’m no longer taking on new clients, I hope you can get some inspiration from the images I’ve shared here!

If you have questions about licensing images, or just about photography in general, you can contact me at

Image courtesy of MK Daughters Photography



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