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April DITL

Right now I’m taking a documentary photography workshop over on Clickin Moms. This means I’m temporarily giving up my little tips and tricks for getting reactions or sparking moments and just sitting back to watch and let the world unfold as it will.

I’m not a total stranger to the documentary approach.  In my daily work I tweak more than I fully direct, but there are little ways I notice now, more than ever, in which I influence the scenes.  I don’t know that I will entirely give that up, but I love that learning to watch and wait is stretching me a bit and improving my ability to see what’s there in front of me, unfiltered.

For part of this assignment, I had to shoot a day in the life.  Our life as it is, right now.  And right now, good or bad, a lot of our life revolves around SJ. Her personality is bigger than life. She’s the kid who is home, day in, day out, so it felt only appropriate to choose a day that the boys were in school.  A “no boy day” as we call it.

Our lives aren’t just about her, but she does dominate the show just a bit.

I thought I picked a quiet day–but somehow it got very full. Dance, a building project, a new table to put together, drawing in the living room on the old table. A rough day at work plus available styrofoam led to an epic foam crushing frustration-buster (and cleanup.)  And of course, there were books. And taxes. And trips out after bedtime to discuss nightmares and general lack of tiredness.

Maybe not such an unusual day after all.

So here we are–in our unfiltered, unmanaged glory, on a dismal, gray day with my just-figuring-it-out documentary skills.  I hope you enjoy, or are at least entertained.



Carrie - April 16, 2016 - 10:48 pm

Sooooo good! You can come shoot a DITL for me!

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